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OHIO Humane Outreach Partnering Program




Outreach within a community requires building bridges with local and state officials through an open dialogue. Through combining resources and forming partnerships, issues affecting animals and problem areas can be zoned in on. The magnitude of issues vary from county to county, therefore officials can tailor their use of the HOPP program’s elements.




Education must extend beyond traditional materials in order to have a direct impact within a community. Through Ohio HOPP, education that is face-to-face with residents will aim to inspire action and change attitudes. Resources, know-how, and tools will be made available to law enforcement officials, animal shelter personnel, and humane educators in the community.




Networking is crucial in Ohio HOPP. Through pooling resources and people to assist in a multitude of situations, better response time for animal transport and placement will occur. Large-scale removal and placement of animals will be easier to handle thus reducing roadblocks and panic. Because local officials are already overwhelmed and resources are lacking, joining forces will result in more animal lives being saved.




Giving a community the knowledge they need will allow residents to make changes in their neighborhoods. People are inspired to help when they are given ways to become directly involved in the humane outreach process. Change starts from within and then spreads out with educational events that have a lasting impact that carries well into the future.




Through the HOPP program, county law enforcement and shelter officials have access to various levels of investigative and response team support. In addition to tools and materials, funding for humane officer training and support are available based on need. On-the-road investigation training can be provided by an experienced humane officer. In large-scale cruelty cases, support is available to organize the removal, collection of evidence and documentation, placement, and transport of animals.


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